Mobile Applications for Learning

Mobile applications are becoming more popular as an educational tool because of the access students have to mobile devices. There are some valuable learning apps that can help continue the education for the students outside of the classroom whether that is an extension of the curriculum or additional practice on other topics. I have listed a few below that could be incorporated into the classroom!


Duolingo is a language applications that starts the learners off on a very basic but effect approach to the new language. One fantastic part of this particular application is that it doesn’t focus on strictly one language, the learner has many options and can even partake in more than one if they want to. Duolingo has the learner speak, listen, and write throughout the process which helps them be a well-rounded learner and also appeals to all types of learners. Instructors would be able to use this app as an extension through the classroom because you could assign a section or round as homework, have the learners create a club where they could speak with each other in that language, or practice speaking with the conversation bots. This app doesn’t make the students feel like they are partaking in homework but rather a simple application that makes learning fun.

The application has created a Duolingo for Schools as well which gives the instructors access to the progress so they are not having to check in with the students every day to see if the exercises were completed (Woods, 2015). Sometimes for students receiving feedback can be a nerve wracking experience however with this application, the personalized feedback is given right away and is able to be shared with anyone the learner would like to see it. The power to showcase positive performance is in the students hands right through the application (Calimlim, 2015). Duolingo has become a well-received application that allows students to learn something new while having fun. All that you need to get started with the application is login information, use an email address and then pick the language that you want to learn. Language is an important skill that can be difficult for individuals to learn, by putting it into the hands, literally, of the learner it is giving them more of a push to engage in a fun way.

I have included a few additional resources for you to look over about the application!

  1. One of the best resources is the website itself. This will give direction on all the available languages as well as how to set up the account. It gives a run through of some of the bells and whistles available through the application so that the learners know what things mean.
  2. Here is a presentation from a language professor on how to use the application in the classroom.


Calimlim, A. (2015). Duolingo for schools lets teachers easily track students’ language learning progress. App Advice.

Woods, B. (2015). Duolingo for schools brings the language learning platform into the classroom. The Next Web.



This app is a teacher’s dream if they are looking for a place to orchestrate their classroom in a mobile format. Edmodo works very well with the google applications so that students can complete assignments and still submit through the application. Edmodo allows for grading, role playing, and continued learning beyond the classroom for the students and instructors and it also allows for collaboration between teachers as well as teachers and parents. This app is inclusive for the entire school, administrators are able to access and see what classrooms are learning about as well as collaborate with the instructors. Edmodo makes the learning process more streamline by giving everyone the ability to interact. There is no disconnect between users that can at times be there in traditional learning environments.

Edmodo gives the students access to their curriculum and assignments anywhere through the application. They have access to their instructors for feedback, the videos and instruction material if they need a refresher, and they can work with their peers to problem solve and bounce ideas back and forth for further understanding (Cunningham, 2013). This application brings the education to the forefront and gives the students more resources to learn. The traditional system requires students to get notes and catch up after the fact if they have missed class, with this application the students can stay up to date with course work and not miss any information from the instructor if out for any reason.

Edmodo is user friendly as it is layout very similar to the widely used Facebook. This cloud based service allows for the students to become more independent; instructors are able to add assignments and due dates to the program so students can track what needs to be accomplished for their classes (Rao, 2013). Edmodo is a popularly used program in education and will continue to be the new way of connecting with students.

A few resources to look into that will help showcase the uses of Edmodo:

  1. Who doesn’t love ideas on ways to use a program in the classroom!
  2. This page will give step by step instructions on how to set up the program.


Cunningham, J. (2013). How to use Edmodo in the classroom. Education World.

Rao, A. (2013). 7 reasons to use Edmodo in your classroom.


While this application was not designed with education in mind it works perfectly for educational purposes. Evernote allows individuals to take “notes” and store them in one central location for utilization later. These notes can be written, recorded, pictures, webpages, etc. so the possibilities are endless for the type of information that can be kept in each section (McAllister, 2010). For the average student, there are many classes and assignments to keep track of, having this application would allow them to keep it all organized in one central location and accessible at any time. Textbooks would be able to be left at home because the necessary information could be logged into the application through photo which creates a more pleasant learning experience. If the student is out and about and thinks of an idea for a project they can then add it to their Evernote application for use later, this allows them to keep everything in one place rather than jotting it down on paper or in a random notes application on the phone that would then need to be transposed later to a different area. The new age of learning is gearing towards self-motivation and organization. This application helps the learners learn and excel at these skills while being helpful at the same time.

Educators will be able to share the notes that they have created to the platforms the students use. The excuse of, “I never received that”, will be a thing of the past because it will be on the application for them to see once shared by the instructor. Another use for educators is for the sharing of curriculum, the amount of work that teachers put into creating the schedule and layout for the classroom should not go to waste when they miss a day (Cruz, 2011). This same schedule could be shared with substitute teachers through the application so that they are aware of what they need to accomplish and have the same assignments for the students. This is beneficial for the running of the classroom as well as not interrupting the learning process for the students.

There are many ways to use this application for the classroom, here are a few resources to learn more:

  1. This resource gives not only great information but also showcases additional resources that are pointed at specific topics.

  1. This showcases some uses for the classroom.

  1. Here is a resource that showcases how to use the application.


Cruz, M. (2011). 10 Tips for teachers using Evernote- education series.

McAllister, S. (2010). 10 Evernote tips for school – education Series.



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