Video & Games in Learning

Education is changing to be more interactive for both the instructor and the learners. I have showcased a few programs that will help showcase videos and highlight the usage of games within the educational world.


YouTube is a video sharing website that gets a profound number of visitors every day. Users can share videos regarding multitude of topics from educational, music, video blogs, etc. These videos can be extremely helpful when trying to showcase a point within a course. Some educators believe that some of the content can be inappropriate for users however that should not overshadow the amount of educational and beneficial content within the site. YouTube is similar to another one of our discussed tools, Wikipedia, because it is entirely made up of user uploaded content (Mohideen, 2010). Access to the site is very easy and does not require log in information however if the user would like to save and subscribe to various users they can easily create a profile with an email and self-created password. Whether this tool is used within the classroom as an aid to a lesson or for the students to use for research it is valuable. The ability for a student to look through the videos and find something that is applicable to their project or knowledge base is a valuable skill.

Think of the application in the classroom for showcasing a point; learners do not always understand a concept by simply being told or reading about it, there is immense value in seeing someone describe and also show the process. This is where YouTube could come as a valuable resource for hands on learning courses such as baking, auto mechanics but they also can showcase learning principles for language, history, etc. YouTube has created a subsection called YouTube Ed that allows universities to upload lectures and content for users to access. This not only helps for the students at the university but also for those looking to gain educational content in areas that it may not be available (Tuffley & Antonio, 2015). YouTube is not just a website for fun, random videos to pass time, it can be used as a serious educational tool for those looking to have access to educational information at the click of a button.

Here are some additional resources for you!

  1. This site gives a clear picture as to why YouTube should be included in the learning process.
  2. Educators love lists! Here is one on why YouTube is a good educational tool.


Antonio, A., Tuffley, D. (2015). YouTube a valuable educational tool, not just cat videos. The Conversation.

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EZVid fits both categories in a way, video recording and gaming. This particular program lets you record what is going on, on the screen so that you can share it or view it later. There is a gamer mode that allows individuals who play computer games to record without the screen going black. These sessions can then be shared to showcase skill or teach various components of a game (Pappas, 2013). Being able to record the screen of the computer would be valuable for those who are teaching in a distance learning situation. During a training or educational setting, the instructor could record information performed on the screen prior to class to ensure that everything works. They could then showcase it during the session and focus more on explanation and discussion rather than the action of working on the computer. One of the best parts of this program is there is no sign up or registration to utilize it. There is the ability to edit and create various looks for this program as well. The user can change it up to that their learners are getting the experience that the instructor desired to best fit the purposes of the course (, 2017). EZVid is very easy to use not only for the instructor but also for the students, this tool is a good entry into the video creating world for those students who do not have much experience. This skill will be beneficial in the ever-evolving technological world for other courses as well as potential careers.


  1. This particular website will give you a look into the various aspects of the tool as well as a video to help explain how it works.
  2. The website itself is a great resource to learn more about the tool as well as how to use it.


Appolicious. (2017). Easily bring videos to life with EZVid.

Pappas, C. (2013). The 8 best free video tools for teachers. eLearning Industry.


TED Talks

TED Talks are presentations given by people from all over the globe on various topics – their profession, passion, and interests. The amount of information that an instructor can showcase through these various videos can ignite discussion within the classroom and show perspective of a different world than the ones that they may be accustomed to. These talks can range in length and appropriateness for age however the amount of talks that there are to choose gives instructors a variety to choose from for their intended classroom purpose. The world has gone global in so many ways, it is only fitting that the classroom should as well.

TED talks believe so much so in their value for educational purposes they have created a section of their site for instructors to create lessons around TED talks. Not only will this help you create a lesson that is powerful and impactful on the students but it also helps create assignments based off of the talk itself (Levy, 2014). This gives the students the best chance of understanding and showcasing their ideas because it is directly created for the video itself. Showing the videos to the students is an amazing way to share information and create interest in new subject matters; this is also a great way to start a lesson on creating videos. Showing a video gives the students an example of what to strive for when creating their own, TED Talks can inspire creative and impactful presenters. This skill is necessary for students in their continued education as well as career paths. The TED talks should not be used in place of actual classroom education but used to enhance it through discussion and expansion of ideas (Mindshift, 2012).

There are many ways to use TED Talks in the classroom, I have provided some resources for you to gain inspiration:

  1. 6 fantastic ways to utilize the tool in the classroom.
  2. It is always important to know what the learner is thinking, here is some perspective!
  3. 25 different TED Talks that are already proven to be great for the classroom.


Levy, L. (2014). 5 ways to incorporate TED talks into learning. Edudemic.

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